Chocolate and Berry Canapes


I am a huge fan of dessert. I love anything sweet, though I cannot have too much of it. More than eating desserts, I love making them. For the eating bit, I’m surrounded with foodies who have massive sweet cravings! I have a lot of patience when it comes to making precise sweet dishes that are sure to make everyone crazy. However, every once in a while, I like to cheat too. I mean, who doesn’t love a dessert that can be put together in minutes and still make everyone crazy?

Thus, I present to you – Chocolate and Berry Canapes

I had this pack of ready-to-eat canape shells and I had no idea what to do with them. I first thought I’d fill them with a tangy tuna salad but then that would fit into the category of ‘usual’. I wanted to do something different, something innovative. Suddenly it hit me – I had a whole lot of berries lying in my fridge and an untouched jar of Nutella too! In that moment, I knew exactly what would be for dessert that night.

So this is what you’ll need.


Some canape shells, a nice big jar of nutella, some strawberries (washed and cut in halves) and raspberries (washed).

So all you’ve got to do is hold the canape shell daintily in your hand, spoon nutella into the shell, about halfway, and then place your favorite fruit on it. And the best bit, pop it right into your mouth! Gosh, thats delicious!

You can also fill the canape shells with a thick custard and top it with fruits or you can fill it with chocolate and top it with nuts or butterscotch chips, any way you like them. A little tip: don’t make these ahead of time because the canape shells will get soggy. Instead, serve them as soon as you’ve made them.

So if you’ve got last minute plans of having friends over, you know you’ve got dessert covered!




Your Chocolate and Berry canapes are ready to eat!

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