Flashback to the 80s – Moza Wa Khamis


If you have been through my blog, you already know that I absolutely LOVE indulging in new and varied dining experiences. While I do enjoy cooking and trying out recipes from different cuisines as often as I can, I have to admit that a sizable part of my monthly pay is kept aside solely for dining out! I take pleasure in dining out, and much to my delight, I’ve been blessed with a man who loves food and dining out as much as I do, if not more! (Yes, if you must know, getting fatter is among the many things we enjoy doing together!) 😛

Though I do have a reputation for being not-too-easy to please, relishing food that has been created with much thought, love and passion makes me very happy and the restaurants that serve such food instantly join my list of favorite haunts. Moza Wa Khamis, the newly opened casual dining restaurant at the Best Western Premier Muscat, is one such place!


When you walk in to Moza Wa Khamis, at first glance, you are sure to think that the cafe/restaurant caters to kids – painted in vibrant hues of pinks, blues, orange and purple, the interiors feature casual white furniture laced with traditional Arabian lamps placed on tables and a small Majlis style seating in one corner of the restaurant.  While the interiors are soothing and snug, the menu boasts of a wide spread of wraps, sandwiches, platters, steaks and kebabs that are derived from both Omani and International cuisines, but with a twist. In true essence, the menu is an ode to the unofficial Omani culture of having Chips Oman (spicy chilly flavored chips available in Oman) with almost everything – most of the dishes have Chips Oman either as an ingredient used during the preparation of the dish or as a side served with the dish! As I skimmed through the menu, I wanted to try it all!

Shuwa Salad

First up, we ordered the Moza’s Healthy Choice – a turkey, cheese and Chips Oman sandwich. Turkey is one of my favorite meats and I must say that I really savored the delicately put together sandwich – the delish turkey meat, creamy cheese and the crisp and spice from the chips was a wonderful combination. While I browsed through the drinks menu, I was beyond intrigued; on there was a Rose Frappe and a Kahwa Frappe as options! Though I’m not a fan of rose flavored milk or drinks, I decided to try the Rose Frappe, and I’m so glad I did. The drink was simply blissful and refreshing and the sweet scent of rose wafting around us was pure aromatherapy.

Iranian Kebabs

For main course, we ordered an array of splendid dishes – Iranian Kebabs, Shuwa Salad, Steak, Grilled Chicken cooked in Omani Spices and a platter which served Hummus, Labneh, Chickpeas, Ful Medames, Pita Bread, Falafels and Omani Halwa. While the steak was tender and succulent with a decadent side of steamed broccoli and a signature Moza Wa Khamis sauce made with Omani spices, the grilled chicken was lip-smacking. The platter too was a delightful blend of fresh ingredients; if you have a soft corner for Arab food, sampling this platter is a must for you! The Shuwa Salad was something new and innovative; the fresh flavors of the veggies, the crunch from the walnuts and the tender aromatic Shuwa (lamb meat cooked in a traditional Omani way) made for a toothsome eat. What I enjoyed most though, were the Iranian Kebabs served with rice, chips and a tangy chutney. Oh that soft, perfectly seasoned, juicy meat, paired with rice, the crisp chips and the sour yet invigorating sauce was an absolute treat to my palate! (I savored every bite with a smile plastered across my face) 😀

Platter serving Hummus, Labneh, Chickpeas and Ful Medames
Platter serving Pita bread, Falafel and Omani Halwa

The highlight of my meal was dessert, as it always is! We had the Spring Rolls filled with Omani Halwa! (I know right, that sounds AWESOME!) It was the wackiest yet amazingly scrumptious dessert I’ve had! The cracking spring roll coating filled with warm Omani Halwa oozing out was so delicious, I couldn’t stop myself, and within minutes I had polished it all off! That was one super-duper dessert!

Steak with a side of Broccoli, Chips and signature sauce made with Omani Spices

The food at Moza Wa Khamis is truly phenomenal – an amalgamation of cultures and flavors that take you on a journey through several wonderful cities around the world, all with a touch of Omani heritage to it. If you’re enthusiastic about trying your hand at the new and if you happen to visit Muscat, Oman, don’t miss out on a satiating meal at Moza Wa Khamis. 🙂

Grilled Chicken Cooked in Omani Spices

P.S: The pictures in this post were taken with my phone. I can’t wait to bring my camera with me on my next visit to Moza Wa Khamis; the post will then be updated with new pictures.


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