Who doesn’t LOVE Cupcakes?

Possibly my favourite thing to bake are cupcakes. Fun fact, back in college, I ran a home-based cupcake business. I took orders and baked all weekend – WITHOUT AN OVEN! I was adventurous then, baking cupcakes on the stovetop in a huge covered pan, topped with wooden blocks to keep it sealed. Those were the days!

Owing to those efforts, the cupcakes I bake have a reputation. Years later, I still get messages from batch-mates and friends about how they can’t get those flavours out of their minds! So, I thought, how about I share the recipes of my favourite delicate, lip-smacking, ones-that-last-in-your-memory Cupcakes? And because I want to spread the joy to all who love baking cupcakes, it is completely and totally FREE!

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