Maple Pecan Bars

These Maple Pecan Bars are great company for those chilly evenings spent under a quilt and duvet this time of year! ❤

Maple Pecan Bars4

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Phirni Tarts (Indian Rice Pudding Tarts)

Celebrate Diwali with these fusion Phirni Tarts (Indian Rice Pudding Tarts)! ❤

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Cinnamon Rolls

Perfect-every-time Cinnamon Rolls for the win! ❤


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Sugar-free Date & Walnut Cake

Indulge in this guilt free, super soft and crumbly Sugar-free Date & Walnut Cake. You’ll keep going back for more!

Sugar-free Date & Walnut Cake Recipe. Loaf Date Cake Recipe sweetened only with dates. Healthy Dessert Recipe. Healthy Cake Recipe. Diabetic Cake Recipe. Date & Walnut Cake Recipe. Refined Sugar Free Date & Walnut Cake. Food Photography. Loaf Cake Food Photography. #refinedsugarfree #sugarfree #cake #recipe #food #dessert #dessertrecipes #foodphotography

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Pineapple Upside Down Ghee Cake

The addition of ghee (clarified butter) in this Pineapple Upside Down Ghee Cake will change your life! ❤

Pineapple Upside Down Ghee Cake Recipe. Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe. Upside Down Cake. Ghee Cake Recipe. Caramel Cake Recipe. A delicious ghee cake with a caramelized Pineapple top. Pineapple Desserts Recipe. #food #recipe #foodphotography #dessert #cake #dessertrecipes

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Vegan Banoffee Pies

Can you believe I waited 24+ years to taste my first ever Banoffee Pie?

Vegan Banoffee Pies Recipe. Mini Banoffee Pie recipe. Banoffee Pies Recipe. Vegan PIe Crust Recipe. Vegan Toffee Sauce Recipe. Vegan Whipped Cream Recipe. Toffee Sauce Recipe. Pie Crust Recipe. Banoffee Pie Recipe. Banana Pie Recipe. #food #recipe #dessert #dessertrecipes #banoffee #pie #vegan

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Plum Apple Crumble

If there’s one thing I could eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s this Plum Apple Crumble! And I urge you to do the same. 😛

Plum Apple Crumble Recipe. Easy Plum Apple Crumbles with crunchy, buttery streusel, and a gooey fruity filling. Perfect Fall Dessert. Perfect Summer Dessert. Summer Dessert Recipes. Fall Dessert Recipes. Food Photography. #food #dessert #recipe #dessertrecipes #foodphotography

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Virgin Pina Colada

This weekend, if you find yourself lounging by the pool with a glass of this Virgin Pina Colada in hand, you’re doing life right! 😛

Virgin Pina Colada Recipe. Kid-friendly drinks recipe. Non Alcoholic Pina Colada with Coconut Milk, Pineapple Juice. Pina Colada Recipe with Coconut Rum. Coconut Cream. Cocktail Recipe. Mocktail Recipe. Food Photography. Drinks Photography

Having grown up in the Middle East, I cannot say I ever loved summer. I do not have memories of basking in the glorious sun, with a small lemonade cart, trying to sell the freshly squeezed concoction to those passing us by on the street, like in the movies. Or picnics on the beach; a session of splashing in the water followed by sandwiches and juice cartons. Nope.

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Blueberry Granita

Cool off in this heatwave with this refreshing zingy Blueberry Granita! ❤

Blueberry Granita Recipe. Homemade Blueberry Granita Recipe. Summer Dessert Granita Recipe. Frozen Dessert Recipe. Fresh Summer Recipe. Blueberry Ice Cream Recipe. Blueberry Sorbet Recipe. Easy Summer Granita Recipe. Homemade Frozen Blueberry Dessert Recipe. #dessert #summer #icecream #granita #fruit #healthy #recipe #dessertrecipes #frozendesserts

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Spicy Chicken Pita Wraps

A fresh, hot and flavourful summer dinner is served – Spicy Chicken Pita Wraps, anyone?


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