Naughty et Hottie

Let me start with the truth – I never thought I would bake erotic cakes. During my college days, I remember my roommates, friends and I laughing at pictures of erotic cakes and being all, “Ewww, how can someone even eat that?!” Back then I didn’t know that there would come a day when I would bake erotic cakes on order and that I would have a complete blast doing so! πŸ˜›

Meet Naughty – Vanilla & Nutella cake filled and frosted with Nutella Cream Cheese Frosting and finished with Fondant Accents.

Well, after my first attempt at baking a penis cakeΒ for a bachelorette (that turned out pretty well, if I may say so myself) and the great feedback I received for it, I’ve gotten a little more confident in this area of err… baking. So when a second order for two erotic cakes came in sometime in May, I didn’t feel quite as jittery and woozy as the first time. But I could swear I felt a little twinge in my tummy. And then there it was – one of the cakes needed to be shaped like a woman’s breasts! It’s really one thing to bake cakes shaped like the opposite sex’s private organs but to bake one which is shaped like those of your gender is as weird, as weird gets! :-/

Meet Hottie – Dark Chocolate Oreo Cake, filled and frosted with Oreo Ganache and finished with a Fondant layer and Fondant Accents.

But soon the baker in me kicked in and I was all set to make this happen. First things first, I created an entire cake brief full with drawings (terrible ones) of what the cakes would look like, flavours, weight and the like. I was to bake a penis shaped cake for a bride-to-be and a breast-shaped cake for the groom-to-be. Sounds pretty normal when I say it like that, eh? Well, it was; until I started baking.

Cake Day: I woke up early. I remember well, it was earlier than 6 am; something of an impossible feat for me to accomplish on weekends. The base cakes had been baked the previous night – two and a half kilograms of Vanilla-Nutella sponge cake and two and a half kilograms of Dark-Chocolate-Oreo cake sat within layers of foil in the chilled living room. The parents were away; I had the house all to myself. I quickly frosted the cakes and got around to shaping them.

The Penis shaped cake was a breeze; I had done it before and it was easier to put together than the first time. Shaped with the help of a template, frosting on and covered with a sheet of skin-coloured fondant, I worked on details to make it look more realistic. (I know, I know; that sounds really wrong!)


Just when I was getting around to shaping the Breasts shaped cake, the boyfriend came over. He was curious about what the cakes would look like. As I shaped the breasts and draped sexy lingerie made of fondant on to them, I heard him ‘ewwww’ quite many times. (For the record, it is so very awkward to make a breast-shaped cake in front of your boyfriend!) I have to admit, I was a little mortified. But then with all his confidence in me, he said, “These cakes are sure going to make the party all the more fun. Everyone’s going to love it!” πŸ˜€


As I waited for the cakes to be picked up, I was incredibly proud with the newest additions to my erotic cake repertoire. Though I was a tad bit worried that I might get a reputation for baking such cakes, now I think – what’s wrong with that? I get to do what I love and give people a reason to laugh with their friends; sounds like a win-win to me! And as the boyfriend predicted, the cakes were enjoyed by all at the party! Here’s what the girl who ordered them had to say. πŸ˜€


So, if you’re ever looking for someone to bake an erotic cake to prank a friend, you know who loves baking them! πŸ˜€ Here’s wishing the bride and groom tonnes of happiness and a blissful life together! πŸ™‚