Mango Lemon Bars

In the final edition of the May Mango Mania series, I bring you Mango Lemon Bars! ❤

Mango Lemon Bars - a wonderful twist on the old fashioned classic Lemon Bars oozes with sunny golden mango goodness, has a sweet and tangy Mango Lemon filling, with a delightful Coconut Cookie base - buttery, crumbly and oh so delicious! Mango Lemon Bars Recipe. Lemon Bars Recipe. Easy Lemon Bars Recipe. Lemon Desserts. Lemon Tart Recipe. Mango Lemon Curd Recipe.

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Orange Chocolate Marble Cake

This gorgeous Orange Chocolate Marble Cake celebrates the classic combination of citrus-y tart oranges and rich dark chocolate like no other! Don’t believe me? Try this recipe out! 😀

Orange Chocolate Marble Cake

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The Foodscape turns TWO!

Today, The Foodscape celebrates its Second Anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been two years since my first post on The Foodscape. Little did I know then that it would become my life. 🙂

The Foodscape Turns TWO!

The Foodscape has had a tremendous year indeed. It started out with the routine five working days and blogging over the weekends, survived a big move to another country, launched its logo, travelled to Thailand and had an incredible Christmas, filled with the season’s best. Then 2016 rolled in and I worked hard to put many wonderful recipes out for you. Happy Days!

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