Meal of the Month: Shiro, Mumbai

With this post, I hereby launch my new blogging series – ‘Meal of the Month’. While dining out was quite the usual back in Oman, the experimenting-delicacies-from-every-restaurant-in-town-run has experienced a few hurdles in our new life in Mumbai. For starters, eating out can be pretty expensive (and that really isn’t pretty when you’re living off your savings). Couple that with being generally lethargic and copping out at the thought of travelling by buses and trains, and you have two very lazy, crabby foodies, who’d rather just cook at home! It really is for the best, you know. Well, that’s how we save money, anyway! 😛

So the boyfriend and I decided to treat ourselves to a fancy meal once every month. That way we get to quench our never-dying hunger for good food, and we get to explore the many wonderful restaurants Mumbai has to offer. And what better way to kick this blogging series off than with a food review of Shiro, Mumbai. 😀


Shiro exudes the charm of the Orient rather perfectly. As you walk in, while your eyes do a double-blink to adjust to the warm lighting, you can’t help but notice – in awe, may I add – the dramatic high ceiling and the gigantic Buddhism inspired statues welcoming you. In an instant the first word that comes to mind is ‘classy’ and that in itself sets the tone for a gorgeous experience.


For our first course, we ordered the Chicken, Prawn and Shiitake Mushroom Siu Mai and California Maki. They do have an unlimited Sushi and Dimsum Lunch that comes at a premium, but we decided to go a la carte. The Siu Mai was moist and succulent with the paper thin outer coating giving way to a well-seasoned filling. But what took the show was the California Maki. I love me some Sushi and this Maki filled with crab-sticks, cucumber and Japanese spicy mayonnaise was just incredible! The different flavours and textures dancing a tango on your tongue is an experience I will never forget. Sweet, spicy and fresh, it was everything I want in Sushi! 😀



For the entree, we ordered the Korean Spicy Stir Fried Chicken and Clay Pot Japanese Rice with Chicken. Both were spectacular. The stir-fried chicken was a little too spicy to my liking, yet I enjoyed having it set my tongue on fire (weird, but true!). And the clay pot Japanese rice was a total win! With a smoked soy flavour coming through and some much needed tang and sweetness complementing it amazingly, it was one of those dishes that left me with a mental note to myself to try recreating it at home. So delish!



IMG_20151109_141101About now, our tummies were stuffed, and happily at that. But a meal is never complete without dessert! So, we ordered the Molten Chocolate Sesame Pops with a Philadelphia Cheese Sauce. And my, was it a treat! That smokey bitterness of the crispy white sesame paired with molten dark chocolate centres and the tangy cheese sauce was a combination made in heaven! I don’t like too much chocolate, but I couldn’t resist indulging! Just WOWW! 🙂

In all, as you can tell, Shiro was a hit with us two! The food was fabulous, the ambience warm and welcoming and the service, amazing! A big shoutout to our server Rupesh who managed to maintain the perfect balance of friendliness and professionalism, a quality that is hard to find. We had a blast, and we will definitely go back. Maybe for another meal another month… 🙂

The Foodscape’s Quick Take 

Food: 4.5/5    Ambience: 4/5    Service: 4/5    Pricing: Quite pricey, but worth it.