A very special feature in The Woman Magazine!

For those of you who are expecting another recipe, I’m sorry, this post isn’t about the food I’ve cooked (be assured that a new recipe will follow soon). This post is about the blog itself; it is about The Foodscape.

More than a year ago I was given an opportunity to write a food review for a magazine I was interning for. That was the first piece on food I had ever written, after which I was desperately in search of a platform to write about food. I dreamed and furnished extensive fantasies about how I would work as a writer for a food magazine, slowly set up my own little bake shoppe, eventually become a renowned food critic (though I would always be kind and not of the confidence-crushing nature) and someday have my own cookbook. Quite a dream, eh?

A couple of months ago, I took my first step towards making my dream a reality. No, I didn’t get a job as a writer for a food magazine. However, I did begin writing for Oman’s leading women’s magazine – The Woman, published by United Media Services. It’s been two months since my stint with The Woman began and I’ve loved every bit of it – from writing pieces about  food, fashion and health, to meeting inspiring people, to working with a bunch of amazing colleagues and helping with the coordination of work events, I’ve enjoyed every minute!

The November issue of The Woman was incredibly special. Food-centered that it was, I had the opportunity of writing pieces on the best dishes in the world and the relationship between the colors of food and health. The best bit; my boss asked me to write about my experience as a food blogger. And that’s how The Foodscape got featured in The Woman magazine. 🙂



I cannot express just how happy I am that the November issue of The Woman is out! I’m ecstatic and incredibly grateful 🙂